Talisha is an internet legend, having appeared on many other sites over the past three or four years. But few people know the real Talisha, not even those who have met her in the Casanova bar, and spent time with her. I first met Talisha when she was 18, and newly arrived at Casanova. She was drainpipe-thin, spoke little English, and had spotty skin that was exacerbated by a diet of sticky buns and gooey satays. But that mane of blond hair was already a Talisha trademark: the other trademark being an enormous dong that seemed to have a life of its own.

She and I spent a lot of time together, and I helped her out when she wanted a boob job as a means of avoiding the military draft. Extreme effeminacy is one of the very few ways Thais have of avoiding being registered for the selection process, which I often feel is a significant contributor towards the enormous number of ladyboys in Thailand. I still think Talisha would have made an excellent trooper. She could fuck an entire battalion before lunch.

We drifted away from each other for a couple of years: no reason, except that she became very famous and sought-after, while I became very busy with the photography. Then late last year she came swanning back into my life, a transformed Talisha, the old gruffness replaced by a vivacious sense of humour, her English now excellent, and that skinny figure now slightly more ample.

We did a photoshoot, and then another and another ...


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