Prim is a student, age 20. She told me she was from Issan, in Northeast Thailand. I said she didn't have the usual Issan characteristics, such as a light skin and a flat nose (the Issan people are very self-conscious about their squidgy little flat noses and having them enlarged is a staple of the Thai cosmetic surgery industry). Prim just smiled and said "no". I suspect she is of Khmer origin: the Khmers are darker skinned than most Thais, and of a different facial type.

From the girl next door to glamorous showgirls and quite possibly that little minx sitting opposite on the subway.

Captain Outrageous has been involved with the ladyboy scene in Thailand for over twenty-five years.His contacts go well beyond the bar workers and into the colleges, beauty salons, cabaret shows, beauty contests, and just about anywhere else that you find these gorgeous girls.

Many of the models are the Captain's personal friends