It was a dark and stormy afternoon...just look at those rain clouds. Pooky came scuttling along from the taxi rank, scared the rain would pour down and ruin the makeup and hair styling she had spent so long over that morning. Just made it. She is another of Bea's friends, and Bea is turning out to have some very cute friends. Pooky is 19, and studying art and design. She is originally from the North. She was terrified of me at first, but soon realised what a charming guy I am, and she relaxed.

.Captain Outrageous has been involved with the ladyboy scene in Thailand for over twenty years.His contacts go well beyond the bar workers and into the colleges, pookyuty salons, cabaret shows, pookyuty contests, and just about anywhere else that you find these gorgeous girls.

Many of the models are the Captain's personal friends