I complimented Feb on her tit job. You like? she said, popping them out of her dress. Yes, I said, but we are in the middle of a public park. This is one characteristic of ladyboys who have boob jobs. They are usually so proud of them they let them hang out anywhere. Feb is from the North, which helps explain the white skin. Some girls from Chiang Mai are so light-skinned they are almost European in appearance, a quality that Thais go crazy about. Whereas farang tend to prefer dark-skinned girls, with the Thais it is the other way around.

.Captain Outrageous has been involved with the ladyboy scene in Thailand for over twenty years.His contacts go well beyond the bar workers and into the colleges, febuty salons, cabaret shows, febuty contests, and just about anywhere else that you find these gorgeous girls.

Many of the models are the Captain's personal friends