I asked Angie where she came from, and she said Korat, which is one of the biggest towns in Issan, in the northeast. I said she didn't look like an Issan person: they tend to be small, with squidgy little noses if they are of ethnic Lao descent, as most are, or they are small and dark if they have Khmer blood. Angie said that her father is half Indian, and that helps explain those startlingly good looks of hers - the big liquid eyes, the lovely bone structure. As you can see, she is also a relaxed kind of girl who enjoys a laugh, and we got on famously.

.Captain Outrageous has been involved with the ladyboy scene in Thailand for over twenty years.His contacts go well beyond the bar workers and into the colleges, beauty salons, cabaret shows, beauty contests, and just about anywhere else that you find these gorgeous girls.

Many of the models are the Captain's personal friends